In addition to my performance life, I am a Professional Coach, pursuing accreditation through ICF, and trained at inviteCHANGE LLC.

My mission as a coach is to partner with you in imagining and manifesting your possibilities. We will collaborate in inquisitive exploration that shakes up inertia, forwards action, and generates change in your life. Coaching is not consulting or therapy – I won’t tell you what to do, and we won’t focus on the past.  Together, we will work towards change in your life that is generated by you, and is future focused. Your life is your creation – I want to support you in artfully and purposefully crafting it.

Who are you? Well, you might be a restaurant worker, actor, a techie, a stay-at-home mom, or a steel-worker!  Whatever you do, you desire to express yourself creatively and expand the horizons in your life. 

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